From Desk to Destinations: My Digital Nomad Life with DataAnnotation

June 28, 2023
With DataAnnotation, I've funded my globe-trotting adventures while effortlessly maintaining my work. It's a dream come true!
From Desk to Destinations: My Digital Nomad Life with DataAnnotation

Hanging out near Rome's beautiful Colosseum. Listening to the beautiful live music in the streets of Lisbon. Soaking up the sun on Malaga's beaches... Sounds like a great, long vacation, right? Except it wasn't a long vacation. I had not quit working. I'm just living life on the move - as a digital nomad.

I joined DataAnnotation back in 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. Originally, I joined the platform because was afraid of losing my job and figured some freelancing couldn't hurt. Little did I know that joining would transform my life in countless ways.

While working at DataAnnotation, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to visit places I had only ever dreamed of visiting. All this was possible because I wasn't worrying about vacation leave, or getting approval from my boss. And the best part? It's DataAnnotation that funded my adventures, turning my dreams into tangible realities.

After I spent some time working in Rome, I took a cruise over to Lisbon, Portugal's coastal capital city. After a productive day of work, I'd venture out to the local markets, drink more espresso than I should, and take a tram ride through Lisbon's quaint neighborhoods. The blend of work and travel was incredible. I couldn't believe that people actually lived like this

My journey also brought me to the beautiful shores of Malaga, Spain. Malaga's lively atmosphere and the Mediterranean climate was perfection. Between my work sessions, I walked down the sandy beaches, soaked in the vibrant culture, and, of course, ate way too much seafood.

DataAnnotation's work culture fosters a unique blend of responsibility and freedom. Even with all the traveling, the nature of the work allowed me to manage my tasks effectively, regardless of the time zone I was in. I was exploring the wonders of the world and not missing a paycheck the entire time. To this day, I still can't believe it.

Working with DataAnnotation has completely transformed the idea of a traditional workplace for me. My office has been the ruins of Rome, the charming streets of Lisbon, and the sunny beaches of Malaga - all while working on projects and using my earnings to fuel the journey. The liberty to work and travel simultaneously is an unmatched perk of being a digital nomad, and DataAnnotation is the perfect platform for it.

As I write this, I am once again reminded of the endless possibilities that DataAnnotation has opened for me. If you're someone like me, coming from a traditional office world and being a little unsure if this is for you, I promise you, it's worth it!

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